1. Obtain and prepare a container. Some things that work nicely include dog or cat carriers, cardboard boxes, or paper sacks closed with a clothespin. Line the container with soft tissue, paper towels, or toilet paper.

  2. Put on gloves, if available, and place a towel or sheet over the bird.

  3. Gently scoop up the bird with the towel and place in the prepared container.

  4. Provide warmth: Place a portion of the container on a heating pad set to low OR place a heat source next to the bird. Heated water bottles or socks filled with warm rice work well.

  5. Close the container and seal so the bird cannot escape.

  6. Make a mental note of where you found the bird. It may need to be released in the same area.

  7. Keep the bird in a warm, dark, and quiet place away from pets and children. Resist the urge to handle. 

  8. Do not give the bird anything to eat or drink.

  9. Wash your hands well, and call Wildlife Rescue at 512-472-9453.

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