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You found a wild animal,

what's the next step?

Many well-meaning people rescue an orphaned mammal or bird that does not need to be rescued.

DO NOT rescue a wild animal and keep (kidnap) it as a possible pet. State and federal laws protect nearly all wild mammals and birds. It is against the law to possess the animal or bird or the nests, feathers, or eggs of a bird without special permits.

In addition, dietary needs of each species are different and it is almost impossible to duplicate their needs in captivity without special training. Rehabilitators often receive irreparably damaged animals because the rescuer tried to keep it as a pet and did not know how to provide for it properly.


It is not true that mammals or birds will always reject their young once they have been handled by humans.

Nonetheless, the handling of wild babies should be avoided or kept to a minimum. Handling by humans can be stressful to the animal. Also, the human scent can sometimes attract predators seeking food.

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